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Windows 7 & 8 Convert Web Widgets Into Gadgets

So you have a favorite widget or video up on your blog that you & your visitors enjoy. Wouldn’t you like that widget on your Windows 7 desktop? Well now you can using the freeware program Amnesty™ Generator. This little 5.1mb gem easily converts millions of web widgets, games and videos found on blogs or social networks into gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop.

Peer Guardian Versus Windows 7 64-Bit

Wait, there is no fight, not when Peer Guardian runs like a champ in Windows 7 64-Bit. I used Peer Guardian in Windows Xp to keep the “pesky” people away. Once I loaded up Windows 7 64-Bit I loaded PG to find that it would not install or load because of driver signing. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to ….

Control Multiple OS Boot

Control Multiple OS Boot – When you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer,...