How to save and install Rainmeter themes and skins


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3 Responses

  1. DarkKnight says:

    A clean and crisp explanation. Thanks!

  2. pierre says:

    i have installed rainmeter and went to the recommended sites all the zip files do NOT HAVE THE THEME FILES THERE.
    not one of the themes i like have them.
    what is what that ???????????
    i am soooooooooo frustrated i am going to delete this altogether if that program is no more than a cosmetic chimera…

    i hope u have a solution
    i have c++ sp1 x 64 latest
    .net too

    • Scott says:

      The zip files only contains skins..
      Copy it in Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsYourNameApplication DataRainmeter
      Windows Vista & Win7: C:UsersYourNameAppdataRoamingRainmeter

      and u will find it in config/skins..
      If u wanna install themes.. u hv to search for .thm or .rmskin files not the zip files..

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