Free Themes For Windows 7 & 8


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26 Responses

  1. stephentan82 says:

    Cool themes. Really cool.

  2. Scott says:

    @stephenan82 Thanks so much. I am beginning a new and what I think is better batch.

  3. patti says:

    how do i download these themes? if i click on the wanted theme, it shows a smaller pic with an x and if i click on that, it goes away”(

  4. Debrah says:

    I’m getting ready to migrate to Windows 7 – I have heard so many wonderful things about it but can’t seem to find any 3D cursors for it. From XP I have found 3D pointers in every possible color.

    Do any of your themes have 3D pointers?

    Because I have XP right now I cant seem to download or see any of your pointers.

    It would be so great if I could find a decent 3D pointer for windows 7 before I migrate.

  5. deepak kumar says:

    hello but it is not changeable thems
    we want more wallpaper in ome thems

  6. issac says:

    the theme didn’t worked in my laptop that has window 7 as os

  7. rahul chauhan says:

    its not working………..i hav windows 7(64) bit version………

  8. mjune says:

    me too..but i have windows 7 (32)bit is not working also..teach me how..plz?

  9. Scott says:

    @ last three comments – these are just themepacks. No special install or skill needed.

    All you do is download then double click the file.

  10. ronald reegan says:

    It is not working in DELL

  11. Pash says:

    hey dude its not working in 64 bit..
    can you help me, for 64 bit.

  12. gaurav says:

    its not working in my windows7 homebasic if anybody know how to run this themes plz help me

  13. gaurav says:

    it generally says this edition of windows doesnot support themes

  14. Scott says:

    Update – Be aware on a Windows 7 Home Basic computer, the “Personalize” option is missing from the drop-down menu when a user right-clicks anywhere on the desktop. This means you can only get themes to work by upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium, or higher.

  15. Sniper says:


    I’ve tried clickin’, right-clickin’, opening on new tab, save link as, and all such options: UNSUCCESSFUL. …but I want these stuffs. What tha heck to do to grab them?
    Any idea Scottie…?

    Thanks in advance, S.

  16. rhianna says:

    how can i install the themes?????????


  17. navanee says:

    Is is possible to install themes in “windows 7 home basic 64 bit” probably?

  18. Stupid Trolls says:

    For all those trolls who are saying this themes are not working :

    you either are trying to be show-off with trolling or just having a really low IQ to say this is not working, its so simple that even 2year old can do it.

    It’s working for me, great job but would be better if there are more backgrounds for auto-changing.

  19. ravindra says:

    it,s not working in my lappy
    My window is 7 home basic 64 bit

  20. [email protected] says:

    its amazing…………….

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