Fel Temp Reparatio Coins


Eclectic describes me more than any other word. Easily sidetracked as I learn new skills which then leads to the pursuit of more knowledge. So much to absorb!

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  1. February 4, 2014

    […] Allectus Aurelian Beata Tranq – BEAT TRA-NQLITAS, BEATA TRANQVILLITAS and other variations Byzantine “Large M” coin types Byzantine various large letters apart from “Large M”. Byzantine coins such as Trachys (saucer shaped coins) Campgate coins Carausius – Antoniniani City Commemoratives coins Claudius II – Antoniniani CONCORDIA AVGGG and CONCORDIA AVGG coins CONCORDIA MILITVM, CONCORD MILIT, CONCORD MILITVM, etc. coins Cross within wreath or legend coins Fel Temp Reparatio coins […]

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