DIY LED Saltwater Aquarium Light How To Guide


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  1. kensa says:

    Terrific article! I followed your instructions to retrofit a Red Sea Max using exactly the same LED specifications. What a difference! I didn’t use any optics and grouped the LEDs into 3 groups (middle and each end of a 22″x5″ heatsink. Visually there is heaps more light in the tank than the original 2x55w T5s, with a slightly bluer tint overall and a nice shimmer. Looks a lot like 14k MH. All my corals seem to be responding really well so far.

  2. my93camaro says:

    are those the leds that you used? if so i found them cheaper. lol….great write up…i was about to start building my own led lighting system

  3. Scott says:


    I would hope after 5 months they would go down in price! Good find as they are the same Q5’s. Dealextreme just takes so looooonnngg. I will be selling the above setup myself soon as I am converting back to freshwater.

  4. Diane says:

    I found this blog on Yahoo. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Good stuff here!

  5. Amy Mason says:

    I just wanted to update the link for the heatsink in the materials list. Thanks!

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