Choosing Your Cryptocurrency

Choosing Your Cryptocurrency

Choosing Your Cryptocurrency

You have come to the point where you need to choose which coin you want to mine so you can obtain your wallet. There are many to choose from with Bitcoin at the top of the list. It is also the hardest to mine so if your eager to see results then choose based on degree of difficulty to obtain and your personal preference. With all the fluctuation out there it never hurts to check out your all your optionss. Choosing a coin with a low degree of difficulty will be beneficial if you solo just so you can work the kinks out.

Here are three great links to start your research. Make sure you understand these tables or ask questions if need be from your peers. One thing to note that in the cryptocurrency world Bitcoin is like gold bullion in the real world. Basically every other coin is based on a value connected to Bitcoin. Choosing your cryptocurrency may be one of the hardest things to decide.

  1. Cryptsy
  2. Coinwarz
  3. Dustcoin

Have you made your choice? Great, now visit the chosen coin’s main site and download the official wallet/client. In the next chapter we will have you up and mining hopefully.

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