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Windows 7 & 8 Convert Web Widgets Into Gadgets

So you have a favorite widget or video up on your blog that you & your visitors enjoy. Wouldn’t you like that widget on your Windows 7 desktop? Well now you can using the freeware program Amnesty™ Generator. This little 5.1mb gem easily converts millions of web widgets, games and videos found on blogs or social networks into gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop.

Peer Guardian Versus Windows 7 64-Bit

Wait, there is no fight, not when Peer Guardian runs like a champ in Windows 7 64-Bit. I used Peer Guardian in Windows Xp to keep the “pesky” people away. Once I loaded up Windows 7 64-Bit I loaded PG to find that it would not install or load because of driver signing. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to ….