Black HUD Windows 7 & 8 Rainmeter Theme

11/22/2014 Windows 7 & 8 Rainmeter Theme – The Black HUD has reached over 180K downloads.

This Windows 7 & 8 Rainmeter Theme came about using Rainmeter & CS4. I tried my hand at creating my Rainmeter theme along with my first custom wallpaper creation. Actual time invested about 1 1/2 hours so a little of a learning curve. I never thought this package would become this popular. The image above is just a sample of what you can do with this theme. Add drive information, network information, media players and hundreds of other options to personalize your desktop. For over 1000 skins visit

  • Black HUD Theme download includes:
  • Custom Created Wallpaper in .BMP format
  • Speaking Clock Skin
  • Pic Frame Skin
  • Shut Down Skin
  • Weather Skin

I have included the theme, wallpaper & skins above in a .zip format. Unzip then just double click on the theme. This assumes you have Rainmeter installed. The taskbar is RocketDock and is not included in the theme. RocketDock is a free download. Theme is best used with any Rainmeter RC that includes RainThemes. The wallpaper included is best used with 1280 x 1084 but like anything else you can change your wallpaper. Because of the many versions of Rainmeter, operating systems and such support will be limited. So far “fingers crossed” there have been no complaints and support for skins and Rainmeter in general can be found at the Rainmeter main site

Using Rainmeter allows customization that does not have to take hours. You can setup & start customizing your own desktop in a matter of minutes. See this article for more information on getting started. Be warned though customizing can become addictive!


6 thoughts on “Black HUD Windows 7 & 8 Rainmeter Theme

  1. hey i tried to use this theme on my laptop bc its freakin awesome…i have windows 7 its a new on less the 7 mths old… i downloaded it and then unzipped it and created a folder, i clicked on it and the only thing in it was all the individual pieces for the layout like all the pieces for the weather, clock ect… so if u can let me know what i can do it would greatly be appreciated, thank you

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