Bedroom DIY Tree Branches Wall Painting

Bedroom DIY Tree Branches Wall Painting

Bedroom DIY Tree Branches Wall Painting by Artist – Melissa “Mo” Collins

This is a recent DIY project an artist friend did in her bedroom. You can visit her at GraphiteLife to see more of her amazing talent. After seeing the pictures on Facebook I asked her to share a couple of pictures and thoughts on this project.

Not being skilled in artistry, this really looks like something I could see having commissioned to be done in my home. I can imagine this type of wall art would be in great demand. Multiple trees coming from two sides, four sides, I imagine the possibilities are endless.

Personally I would want a forest type canopy painted on the ceiling with the branches wrapping the walls like she has done with her bedroom.

Below is what Mrs. Collins had to say about this project.

Scott, I am an artist who absolutely LOVES nature. I got the inspiration for this wall painting when I saw a picture on a website. The picture was of a bedroom that had a tree stencil on the wall. I instantly loved the idea of bringing nature into my bedroom, but was not crazy about the particular look of the stencil.

Wanting my own look I thought that I would paint a tree on my bedroom wall and make it look exactly how I envisioned it should be. Beginning the drawing I started to sketch the tree on the wall in marker. My walls are textured so I had to go over the lines a few times. I didn’t worry about the branches being perfect because in nature no tree is perfect.

Once I got the rough sketch the way I wanted, I filled in the branches with black latex paint. The photography in the bedroom is black and white nature photography so it all fits nicely. I have included a mid way point picture and, of course, the end result. I hope that you like it. Melissa

Bedroom DIY Tree Branches Wall Painting – Midway Point

Bedroom DIY Tree Branches Wall Painting

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